Evaluating your employees' performance
March 26, 2015

Your employees help with the success of your business. Conducting a review of their performance is a great way to let them know where they are thriving and where they can make a few improvements. As a business owner, it is crucial to ensure that employees know where they stand and how they are performing. Follow these tips to help develop a strong and successful review process for your business:

Have employees evaluate themselves
Encouraging your staff to assess their own performance can help them become more aware of themselves. Inc. noted that having your employees evaluate their own work can serve as a motivator. Think about having your employees respond to a question or two that asks them to consider how they have contributed successful and meaningful service to the business.

While self-assessments are a powerful tool, CIO recommended letting your employees know why you feel it is important and valuable. Explain that it can help employees become more reflective of their work and enhance the amount of high-quality open dialog that takes place between managers and other valuable members of staff.

Honesty is key
Do not shy away from confronting an employee with an issue that is impacting the performance of your business. You should never attack an individual for his or her performance, but if there is a problem with the way someone has handled past situations, it is important to initiate improvement.

Being specific with your critiques as well. Do not simply say that their customer service is not up to par with standards. You should let them know where exactly they fall short. For example, if an employee is on his or her phone too much and it is effecting how quickly they serve patrons and accept credit card payments, let them know.

Likewise, it is always crucial to reach out and specifically compliment an employee who demonstrates a strong performance.

Develop a plan
Work with your employees to decide how you will work on potential issues that were uncovered during an evaluation or how your staff will keep up the good work. Small Business Trends noted that this could be incredibly simple or complex depending on the individual who is being evaluated.

Remember to always keep a positive spin on things. Do not dishearten an employee if they need improvement. Ensure that they know that you believe in their capability to improve. Also try to point out the positive aspects of their performance on the job as much as possible.

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