Ensuring your business has the best employees: Part 1
March 02, 2015

Your employees help determine how successful your business becomes. It is crucial to hire a talented and hardworking staff. Know what to look for in applicants and how to recruit top quality employees for your business.

Know what you want
One of the first and most important factors of hiring a quality workforce is identifying what you need out of an employee. Know what skills, traits and qualities are important to you and your business.

Identify whether familiarity with new software and electronic payment systems or social media expertise are crucial skills you want to see in a candidate. A great deal of this is determined based on the position, but in some instances, you may want to hire an employee who can be utilized and contribute to multiple tasks and responsibilities.

Recruit quality candidates
When you are deciding to hire, you want to attract the best candidates and get rid of applicants who are not qualified. The Cincinnati Business Courier recommended always encouraging individuals to apply to work for you even if you are not hiring. This develops a pool of applicants you can consider if a position opens later. In addition, you will not be forced to make a quick and ill-informed decision if you have a number of applicants you have already reviewed.

You may also consider having an additional requirement integrated into your application process. This can help you narrow down the number of applicants to more serious contenders and can give you the opportunity to get a clearer picture of the individual. For example, if you own a photography studio that focuses on weddings, consider asking applicants to describe their experience with wedding photography or what skills they believe are necessary to work in the industry.

Figure out who to hire
If you do not extend a job offer to the right person, you can cost your business time and money, according to Entrepreneur. Take your time when hiring new employees to ensure they are a good fit.

Do not hesitate to contact previous employers and make sure you check in with the applicant's listed references. This can help you make a more educated decision whether to hire them. Ask about any strengths or weaknesses and whether a past employer would make the decision to hire the individual again.

Your staff is crucial to your business's success. Ensure that you hire the best employees to help foster continual growth.

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