Electronic payment systems lead to larger holiday sales
October 09, 2013

Advanced credit card processing technology is a major focus of retail organizations that want to increase sales during the upcoming holiday shopping season.

Clickz, an online marketing news source, said this year's holiday sales could go in any direction. For example, industry experts have made predictions ranging from 2.4- to 4.5-percent growth compared to last year's numbers. Regardless of what happens, businesses can take specific steps to at least ensure their stores satisfy the demands of consumers.

Jeremy Geiger, the founder and CEO of Retailigence, an integrated online and offline marketing service for businesses, wrote in Mobile Commerce Daily that brands will have a greater chance at achieving success during the holiday season if they invest in technology that makes it easier to accept mobile credit card payments.

"With the convergence of social, location-based and mobile technologies, shoppers can now benefit from both the convenience of finding the relevant product information they are looking for online and the experience of seeing, touching and buying in-store," Geiger said.

Businesses can also supplement payment integration technology with advanced gift card programs and loyalty programs that track individual transaction data and reward customers for continued purchases.

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