Customized loyalty programs boost brand awareness
May 15, 2013

Loyalty programs have offered customers privileged access to a company's sales and deals for decades. According to a recent study, half of mothers frequent certain retailers just to receive rewards from their loyalty programs. Small- and medium-sized enterprises can drive revenue and increase brand awareness by integrating gift card programs into their marketing campaigns. Providing customers with incentives to purchase goods or services can help SMBs see returning shoppers and cultivate a strong client base. 

Rewards drive loyalty and brand awareness
According to Biz Report, an online marketing news site, loyalty programs encompassing a wide range of rewards and incentives are most popular among today's consumer. When customers can earn points that can be redeemed in store or online, they are more likely to return to the business. The news site reports a majority of moms respond the best to programs with rewards. Receiving products before they are publicly released and customizable gift cards are among incentives customers opt into loyalty programs for. 

The U.S. Small Business Administration suggests companies thinking about investing in a loyalty program create branded membership cards that offer incentives after each use. By integrating a program that rewards consumers for their business into their payment processing platforms, SMBs have an increased chance of driving future sales.

Loyalty programs can also convert new clients into returning customers. SBA advises companies customize their membership cards and gift cards with the brand's logo. If the business' unique symbol is on both cards, it may increase the likelihood of them stopping in the store.

SBA recommends businesses make it easy for customers to opt into their rewards program. Companies can also consider integrating its marketing campaign with their gift card and loyalty initiative. Asking customers if they would like to join the business' email list or receive direct mail from the brand while they are signing up for the program can help SMBs stay in constant communication with consumers. Keep incentives and programs easy to use and understand, as confusion over offers or rewards can prevent customers from utilizing them.

Gift card and loyalty programs can drive sales during any time of the year. Rewarding consumers for their repeat business may drive brand awareness among new clients and make them frequent shoppers. 

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