Customers want convenience: Is your company prepared to give it?
November 19, 2013

More than ever before, small and medium-sized businesses can achieve maximum benefits from investing in technology that makes it easier to accept credit card payments from multiple channels. Recent developments in the e-commerce industry have placed significant pressure on brick-and-mortar retailers that must now come up with ways to deliver the most convenient shopping experience as possible to consumers.

Online shopping portals are no longer just associated with large companies. According to the newspaper Daily Mail, a strong Web presence that allows shoppers to easily browse and purchase goods is now a make-or-break feature for most small retail businesses. A recent survey from the Toronto-based marketing company PTPA found a large majority of shoppers now have high expectations when interacting with brands online. No matter what the size of the company, 85 percent of responding consumers claimed they perform most of their shopping through a blend of both in-person and digital channels.

These trends present local businesses with unique challenges. Rather than investing all of their efforts to into one specific channel, the current state of the industry requires most of these organizations to fully develop any and all possible engagement platforms. Small shops with limited resources often lack the infrastructure necessary to organize transaction data from both in-store and online sources. However, by investing in high-quality integrated payment systems, business owners can ultimately expand their operations without worrying about the need to devote long hours to properly collecting financial information. Consumer behaviors are constantly changing. In many cases, these shifts happen at a faster rate than many enterprises are able to keep up with. With a high-quality electronic payment system, stores can more easily adapt to rapidly evolving industry trends.

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