County fair finally set to accept credit cards
May 23, 2013

Consumers continue to reach for plastic at the point of sale, but many county fairs across the country have been slow to accept credit card payments. However, residents and visitors of Steele County, Minn., will finally able to utilize their debit and credit cards at the county fair in August.

Revenue set to increase after accepting plastic 
According to Owatonna People's Press, the Steele County Fair Board recently announced it will count how many consumers use credit cards at one of the fair's most popular attractions. Credit card acceptance will drive consumers to purchase more goods and increase vendor sales. The payment option will be first utilized at the fair's beer garden. 

Owatonna People's Press states offering the payment method will likely increase the amount of cups sold at the event by one-third, leading to more than $1,000 in additional sales. 

In the past, fair goers had to walk to the nearest ATM to take out cash to pay for drinks, which probably inhibited decreased sales. The fair board projected more people will attend because of the decision to accept credit cards, which offers more convenience for consumers.

The board had held off on allowing plastic to be accepted due to issues regarding safety. However, the news site reports the board's worries about increased alcohol consumption will be unfounded. 

Credit card acceptance to come
Ron VanNurden, the board member who first proposed adopting the payment method, said he met with a local business to discuss whether the board should allow vendors to accept credit cards. The company told VanNurden that integrating the purchasing option had increased its sales by one-third.

Consumers prefer plastic at the point of sale because it allows them to increase their spending. Owatonna People's Press reports local community members were surprised alternative forms of payment have not been offered at the fair before. An individual can only carry a limited amount of cash, while credit cards offer consumers the option of purchasing an increased number of goods and services.

Companies that offer multiple purchasing platforms automatically boost sales by allowing more consumers to buy products. By limiting the amount of available payment methods, SMEs decrease their revenue and may even send customers to competitors. 

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