Consumer tablet use up for mobile commerce
July 09, 2013

Tablet ownership is on the rise throughout the country, and more consumers are using their portable devices to purchase goods online. From accessing mobile apps to typing in credit card information, tablets can be beneficial for customers buying products or services. With larger screens and increased portability, tablets allow consumers to visit virtual stores that employ electronic payment systems easier than smartphones. As tablets become more affordable, merchants should also invest in a portable credit card reader to accept mobile payments and provide additional purchasing options at the point of sale in stores. 

Consumer use of mobile devices is up 
A new eMarketer report found customers are buying products through tablets more often than via smartphones. The report, "Key Digital Trends for Midyear 2013: The Fragmentation of Mobile," employed April eMarketer data, noting the larger screens on tablets give consumers a better purchasing experience than smaller smartphone screens. According to the findings, about 84 percent of tablet owners project they will use their portable gadget to browse online stores, compared to 75 percent of smartphone owners. 

Due to the increase in online shopping, tablet owners are also more likely to make an actual purchase than their smartphone-using counterparts. Approximately 63 percent of tablet users are expected to buy products using their device this year, while only 39 percent of smartphone owners will do the same. 

In 2012, tablets were also found to be the chosen mobile device for making an online purchase. Thirty-two percent of tablet owners bought a product online using the gadget last year, compared to only 21 percent of smartphone users, according to the survey "The Echo Effect: Understanding the Value of Tech Buyers." 

The number of consumers who own a tablet is up as well. In a recent report by the Pew Research Center, experts project nearly one-third of Americans own a tablet. According to the study, "Tablet Ownership 2013," the mobile device is growing very popular among American consumers, with tablet ownership now up 18 percent compared to 2012. The study projected tablets will not only make it easier for customers to shop online, but will also encourage users to boost the amount of money they spend in the future. 

Smaller retailers should consider adopting electronic payment systems to ensure they continue to drive sales through online platforms. Providing multiple transaction methods to customers can increase their spending and the merchant's revenue. 

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