Come out on top this holiday season with an integrated payment system
December 06, 2013

Integrated payment systems can provide small and medium-sized businesses with the convenience necessary to take full advantage of the holiday retail season. Many industry experts tout November and December as the most lucrative months for companies that specialize in selling consumer goods. While this concept is generally true, maximizing the revenue during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas takes a certain amount of effort on the part of store owners and employees.

In fact, the online publication Multichannel Merchant said this year's holiday shopping season is much shorter in comparison to other years. A later Thanksgiving delayed the typical start date for offering special deals and discounts to attract consumers interested in buying gifts for their friends and family. As a result, stores must streamline their operations as much as possible to successfully satisfy seasonal demand without placing a strain on available resources.

Investing in a multichannel retail experience that goes beyond the brick-and-mortar establishment is sure to create fair opportunities for maximum sales revenue during the holidays. Tim Dunn wrote in the online publication Media Post about how most consumers these days are already utilizing some form of integrated retail experience on their own. For example, showrooming, in which shoppers visit stores simply to find products they will ultimately purchase online, has led many stores to invest in more dynamic channels that offer a competitive boost.

"The future of multichannel retail, which to my mind is the future of all retail, depends on developing a long-term engagement with consumers," Dunn wrote in Media Post.

Investing in payment integration services is a low-cost strategy for eliminating many of the complexities of operating a multichannel retail business. When store owners are able to access financial information from in-store, online or mobile channels, they can save time and avoid many of the obstacles standing in the way of long-term growth.

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