Choosing the right technology for a small business
April 25, 2014

One of the greatest challenges for the small-business owner has always been balancing passion with the requirements of the job. Because entrepreneurs often follow their passions when opening a business, it can be difficult at times to get motivated about the many other aspects that come with running an enterprise.

According to Fox Business, one of those challenges is keeping pace with new technology for marketing, accounting and within the industry. Small-business owners often wear many hats and for many, the one of IT manager is the least favorite. It can be overwhelming to determine what new solutions are right for the company and which ones can be passed up.

For some companies, Fox recommends hiring a technology advisor. This is someone who understands not only what new technology is available, but if it's relevant to an owner's business, what the ROI is and how to best implement it into a company. A lot of technology can save time and money in the long run, and business owners should investigate the right options for them.

Payment options for small businesses
One form of technology that is now open to small and midsize businesses is credit card processing solutions. With the right vendor, these systems are about more than just swiping payments. They can vastly improve the accuracy and ease with which owners manage their accounts. Different types of payments from across the company can all be viewed on a single platform.

An owner can also embrace technology that makes his or her business more versatile. With mobile payment processing solutions, a store can take advantage of local sidewalk sales or other events where access to their on-site system is not directly available. These mobile payments will also process and appear on the same platform as those accepted at the brick-and-mortar location.

Mobile payment processing is a great way for a business owner to take advantage of new technology that can increase revenue and expand the customer base. While not all technology is useful to every business, any company can benefit from less time spent on bookkeeping and the ability to accept more types of payments. Small-business owners who still rely solely on cash payments should consider the increased customer service and revenue that comes with credit card processing.

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