Capitalizing on increased spending with integrated payment systems
January 30, 2013

In recent months, improved conditions in a variety of economic segments such as employment and real estate have led to increased consumer spending. Merchants should consider adopting integrated payment systems as soon as possible to capture all potential sales, regardless of the transaction method each customer intends to use.

Investor Place recently reported that retail sales have increased substantially in recent months, and projections do not indicate more healthy performances in 2013. Improving home values and sales have combined with stronger employment prospects to send more consumers back to the stores, helping increase overall revenue.

According to the news provider, several studies revealed that while consumer spending did strengthen toward the end of last year, it was not the dramatic shift the economy needs to completely escape the doldrums of the recent economic recession. In 2013, though, economists believe that consumer spending could potentially skyrocket and bolster the nation's financial situation more dramatically than in 2012.

The source asserted that stronger political certainty this year, especially as the election has come to a close and the "fiscal cliff" discussions reaching some agreements. Among the best performing industries in the closing months of 2012 were home furniture stores, restaurants and personal care shops, while more widespread growth is expected to reach other retail segments in the coming months.

Finally, Investor Place suggested that consumer spending and optimism will continue growing so long as other segments of the economy, such as employment and home sales, reach higher points this year.

Merchants still have a long road to recovery, as several impediments, such as the increased payroll tax, threaten stronger consumer spending performances. However, retailers can use loyalty and gift card programs and accept credit card payments through a variety of platforms to ensure the most optimal financial performances in the coming months. 


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