Cab drivers begin to accept mobile payments
December 28, 2012
More evidence continues to hit the news that the United States population and economy are moving rapidly toward a cashless landscape, with credit cards, debit cards and mobile payments continuing to outpace other transaction methods. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to be especially proactive in obtaining the necessary solutions.

The Washington Post recently reported that cab drivers are beginning to adopt mobile payment systems to accept the advanced transaction type. According to the news provider, the taxi industry is the latest in a variety of unlikely adopters, ranging from farmer's markets to municipal governments.

The source added that many cab drivers now believe there need to be more advertisements and awareness campaigns to ensure the public knows they accept credit card payments, and some even take payments through mobile platforms. The Post explained that mobile payments are the most convenient in the eyes of cab drivers, mostly because of the  and intuitive installment process.

Integrated payment systems can give businesses in virtually any industry a competitive advantage, especially as experts continue to predict that adoption will be relatively slow through the next two years.
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