B2B buyers looking to make purchases online
June 03, 2013

Corporate buyers seem to be more comfortable than ever using integrated payment systems to make online purchases, as recent research conducted by digital marketing company Acquity Group revealed three in 10 business decision-makers are using the Internet to complete a major transaction at least twice per month.

Furthermore, 37 percent of corporate buyers expected their budgets for online spending to increase in the upcoming year. By reaching out on mobile, B2B marketers can take advantage of the growing amount of business executives who are using smartphones and tablets, according to Marketing Land.

"Buyers are consuming content and shopping on a wide array of devices on consumer retail sites, and they've come to expect the same experience in their business purchasing," said Robert Barr, senior vice president at Acquity Group. "B2B sellers can take steps to drive more traffic to their online channel - reducing overhead costs, increasing efficiency and growing revenue - to get ahead of competitors." 

Mobile search is just one of the new ways corporate buyers are using to learn about companies, and if businesses fail to have their websites optimized for smartphones and tablet users, they may quickly find themselves losing out the competition.

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