Align multichannel marketing initiatives with payment processing software to boost sales
May 02, 2013

Small- and medium-sized enterprises understand the importance of multichannel marketing to increase lead generation and grow the brand. But many times, companies forget that driving consumers to a website without integrating electronic payment solutions can stunt revenue and customer retention. Coordinating marketing campaigns with purchasing methods that can be managed through one portal can help small businesses reach customers on any digital platform.

Focusing payment solutions allows multichannel marketing to thrive
Multichannel marketing offers companies the ability to reach the brand's client base through many different means, whether it is through email lists, direct mail or mobile. Advertising campaigns that penetrate traditional and digital platforms allow businesses to drive customer loyalty and sales. Small enterprises that accept debit and credit card payments at the point of sale are already increasing profits and promoting brand loyalty, but consumers are purchasing on multiple platforms due to multichannel marketing. As more customers go online via computers and mobile devices to purchase products and services, organizations should acquire strategies to integrate payment processing throughout various channels to decrease the chance of losing valuable sales. 

According to research conducted by Mercator Advisory Group, a payments advisor, companies employing various marketing strategies are often concerned about supporting in-store and online payments. The report found inefficiencies within the current relationship between marketing and payment processing and suggested companies find a new way of implementing electronic payment solutions to align marketing with purchasing platforms.

Updating purchasing software is key to assimilating payment at the point of sale with multichannel marketing. Companies may want to consider adopting purchasing solutions that align all payment processing into one portal, such as Sage Exchange. Sage Payment Solutions allows small- and medium-sized enterprises to accept debit and credit cards in stores and on the organization's website while allowing for easy access to and management of the software. Sage Exchange also offers companies the ability to accept mobile payments, which is quickly gaining popularity among consumers. Multichannel marketing is increasingly incorporating portable devices, and small businesses thinking about employing mobile marketing may want to consider investing in mobile payment processing software to engage customer satisfaction.

Companies do not have to chose between multichannel marketing and where they can accept payments. With one platform, businesses can seal the gap between in-store and online purchases to boost sales.

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