Advice for businesses preparing to accept mobile credit card payments
March 06, 2014

The ability to process mobile credit card payments from customers creates plenty of extra opportunities for small and midsized businesses to increase revenue and access a larger client base.

Because payment systems attached to a smartphone or tablet work anywhere that an Internet connection is available, it's easy for organizations to take more than just cash and checks when setting up at temporary or permanent outside locations.

Businesses need to put in some legwork when deciding which mobile provider suits their needs. While there are plenty of options for simply swiping a card and transmitting payment information, the best providers do more, working with their clients to craft integrated payment systems that handle all the unique requirements of a company.

Don't get left behind
Payment acceptance is becoming more common as customers search out companies that provide payment methods that make sense to them. While using these systems is currently a positive differentiator that can attract business away from local competitors, the technology will eventually become an industry standard.

Fox Business recently identified some important questions businesses must ask themselves before they begin using these services. The concept of relative priority for adding mobile payments may be the most important, as businesses need to determine a timeline for installation, coordinate with their current provider or find a new one that can better meet their needs.

The sooner that mobile payments are adopted, the quicker the advantages of these systems can be put to use. Determining when and how a business currently offers its services outside of a brick-and-mortar home base can help develop a timeline. The benefits of mobile credit card processing, once installed and active, should also be considered. These offerings can open doors for businesses to participate in local markets, fairs and festivals and other opportunities outside of a fixed location.

Consistency is important
Business News Daily pointed out that a familiar experience is important for customers and can keep them coming back. By offering an effective mobile payment solution that is easy to use and handles transactions without delay, small and midsized businesses can create a process that is both unchanging and seamless. Patrons making quick purchases will know that when time is a factor, they can count on a quick and secure exchange that allows them to continue on with their day.

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