Adopting mobile payments can be easy for SMBs
July 31, 2013

Many small and medium-sized businesses may be holding off investing in mobile payments, but integrating the transaction platform into existing credit card processing and accounting software can be easier than many think. According to Firmology, a small-business news site, investing in a portable debit and credit card scanner is not only a smart move for SMBs, but is also practically effortless. When a smaller retailer accepts mobile credit card payments, they can experience increases in both sales and customer satisfaction.

Firmology reported credit card readers that can be attached to a tablet or smartphone are one of the easiest types of mobile payments on the market. Because the transaction method provides direct monetary transfers, Firmology advised SMBs understand that the payment option is not only quick but secure, especially when data is encrypted from end to end.

The Girl Scouts of America exemplify the benefits of using this technology. The organization started utilizing Sage Mobile Payments last year and was able to see its cookie sales increase by 27 percent, according to Slash Gear, a technology review website. Firmology suggested SMBs follow the Girl Scouts' lead.

Mobile payments offer a secure option for financial transfers between consumers and businesses and is easy to adopt. Some of the first steps SMBs need to take are acquiring a portable device, such as a tablet or a smartphone, and partnering with a reputable mobile payments provider.

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