Adopt mobile payments to optimize digital marketing sales
July 16, 2013

As more consumers invest in smartphones and tablets, small and medium-sized businesses are looking to take advantage of the rise in digital traffic. Yet SMBs may want to think beyond just integrating electronic payment systems into their credit card processing strategy; SMBs should consider acquiring a credit-card reader that can attach to the retailer's portable device to accept mobile payments. Optimizing mobile traffic is an essential part of driving sales as more consumers use their smartphones to research retail goods. A recent report found an increasing number of SMBs are employing digital marketing campaigns to generate mobile and online sales. SMBs should think about integrating payment processing systems with digital advertising initiatives to avoid losing sales.

SMBs prioritize digital merchandising
The National Retail Federation reported new research from and Forrester Research identified a growing trend among SMBs to invest in online marketing initiatives. The report, "The State of Retailing Online 2013: Marketing and Merchandising," found 87 percent of retailers are implementing or have already implemented mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns to take advantage of traffic on portable devices. Launching an email initiative optimized for mobile viewing was found to be one of SMBs' top strategies of successful digital advertising campaigns.

The study noted 71 percent of retailers are looking to boost their mobile marketing use by purchasing ads for smartphones and 73 percent will do so with ads for tablets. According to the report, more SMBs are adopting the specialized digital initiatives because an increased number of consumers are opening retailer emails and looking at online ads on their portable devices.

SMBs are also looking to improve the online shopping experience by personalizing consumer content and providing mobile-friendly features on websites. With nearly 28 percent of retailer-sent emails first opened on a smartphone or tablet, ensuring digital marketing campaigns have a mobile focus was deemed important by survey participants.

Vicki Cantrell, executive director for, said digital marketing campaigns are crucial to SMBs generating sales in the digital age.

"As consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets in the United States reaches critical mass, retailers know that their marketing mix has to work optimally for all customer touchpoints now," Cantrell said. "Email has always been one of most effective customer retention vehicles in the market, so it's no surprise to see retailers investing to make email engaging and relevant for the increasingly mobile consumer."

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