Adapting to evolving consumer demands
December 26, 2012
Mobile payments are rapidly becoming an expected processing capability among consumers, as more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) adopt the systems necessary to handle these transactions. Payment processing has changed dramatically in recent years, and many experts are predicting the end of cash in the coming decades.

Mobile Payments Today recently reported that SMBs need to look for solutions that can accept credit card payments in a convenient, intuitive and affordable fashion. According to the news provider, failing to do so could cause serious integration problems with other payment processing capabilities, while most often leading to a lack of cohesion among strategies.

Loyalty and gift card programs are generally stronger in the mobile sphere, as engagement rates are much higher with technology-driven initiatives. The source explained that integrated payment systems are essential in the competitive merchant marketplace today because customers are looking for the most convenient and intuitive process possible.

SMBs can gain an advantage through the use of Sage Mobile Payments, which is custom-made and priced for smaller firms. Further, this product helps to integrate payment processing capabilities with loyalty and gift card programs for the most optimized overall process.
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