Accept mobile payments to boost sales at trade shows
January 17, 2014

Simple tools that help businesses accept mobile payments from customers are especially effective at trade shows and other industry conventions where company representatives have the opportunity to make on-site sales.

According to Trade Show News Network, attendance and participation at many of these annual events experienced a steady increase throughout 2013. Economic experts were worried about how the lackluster economy would impact the effectiveness of trade shows. However, some organizations even broke attendance records during the year.

No matter who the audience is at events like these, brand representatives have the opportunity to maximize sales by investing in mobile POS solutions. With such a large number of people gathered over a brief time period, increasing the flexibility of the transaction process becomes a valuable advantage. Forbes said businesses must always place a priority on engaging attendees at a convention. With this in mind, advanced technology will ultimately attract a larger number of visitors. Instead of turning away customers who aren't carrying cash, the ability to accept credit cards from the convenience of a temporary booth will ultimately make the decision to participate in a trade show more lucrative.

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