3 reasons mobile POS will continue to grow in 2014
December 16, 2013

The holiday season is a busy time for many businesses, but it also presents an opportunity to consider investing in new tools that process mobile payments from consumers.

Smartphones and tablet devices have become so popular in the last couple of years that they are now almost inseparable from the retail industry. The ability to simply swipe a credit card and have the transaction information connect directly to a mobilized interface has spread to other industries as well. Restaurants, in-home service businesses and brick-and-mortar shops can all expect to gain from these trends in the next year. Here's why:

Extending the traditional point of sale beyond checkout counters or fixed kiosks at dining establishments increases operational flexibility. Not only will it be more convenient for shoppers to make purchases as soon as they find the items they were looking for, but managers and employees can also benefit from this newfound mobility, as they can keep their financial information secure as they accept payments in new environments.

Greater customer loyalty
The online publication Mobile Payments Today said a more flexible POS will also translate to more business in the long run. Rather than turning potential customers away because of long lines, a wider variety of transaction options can convince more people to keep shopping. Satisfied customers may be more likely to return in the future as well.

Access to more information
QSR Magazine, a publication covering news in the quick service food industry, said smart mobile payment processing technology has the potential to gather more valuable customer information for business owners. As a result, brands can create marketing campaigns that more accurately target the shoppers that are most likely to make purchases.

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