3 mobile marketing best practices
July 03, 2013

Companies look to marketing as another way to connect with customers on a daily basis. By integrating mobile payments with an advertising strategy, small and medium-sized enterprises can not only accept mobile credit card payments at the point of sale, but also stay in contact with consumers about current and upcoming sales. Understanding some best practices for mobile marketing can help SMEs ensure they make the most of the advertising strategy.

1. Ask permission
Many customers in loyalty and gift card programs are eager to receive material from the retailer through their mobile device. Giving consumers the option to subscribe to the digital marketing email or text list is an important part of a campaign's success.

According to Direct Marketing News, customers who did not originally opt-in to receive emails or texts from the retailer may become annoyed with the constant stream of messages they receive from a brand. Notifying the consumer first about being on the mobile marketing list and allowing time for them to decide if they want to be on it is a good idea. By not asking permission, companies can alienate and lose customers.

2. Limit links in emails
Remembering that consumers are viewing emails and texts on a touch-screen device can help SMEs strategize how they deliver the messages. While interactive elements are important, retailers should limit the number of links they place in emails as customers may not be able to click on them easily.

Online Marketing Institute suggested businesses ensure their messages are optimized for portable electronics' smaller screens. If links are needed, SMEs should ensure they are separated enough so users do not accidently tap multiple links at the same time. Keep them easy to see and use to make viewing and interacting with the message effortless for consumers.

3. Keep messages relevant 
SMEs new to mobile marketing may place all of their subscribers onto one list, but if an email or text is not appropriate for a specific consumer, he or she many consider opting out of the program. Consider asking customers right when they subscribe to the list what types of messages they want to receive. While there may only be a few categories to choose from, and some may overlap, giving customers an option for personalization can help a mobile marketing initiative be successful and drive sales for SMEs. 

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