What traits should business leaders have?
August 06, 2013

Leading an accounting practice isn't for everyone. Business owners have to be prepared to dedicate a lot of time, effort and money to their company, which may or may not succeed depending on a slew of various factors. 

Do you have the traits that are most recognizable in a leader? There are a number of characteristics that many of the most successful business owners have, so accountants and bookkeepers thinking about starting their own practice might want to give themselves an evaluation. Even if they might not have each one of these attributes, there are still options.

The ability to connect
According to Inc. Magazine, empathy is one of the most important attributes of a leader. The news source said that if this characteristic is missing, the company probably won't be successful because owners won't be able to connect with their employees. Owners should make sure to listen to workers and take a real interest in their lives.

Every accounting firm is different, so there's no one method to follow. This means that business leaders have to have a good penchant for decision making. 

"Instead of relying solely on others to help you make a decision, learn to find the answers within yourself," the magazine recommended.

Interest and a penchant for learning
According to Small Business Trends, the willingness to continue learning new things about the business and industry overall is crucial to running a small company. The new source said that this can be as small as reading up on the sector and new developments via books and magazines, or it could be as large as going to networking events and discussing the latest occurrences in the industry. 

If you don't fit the mold
It's important to remember that if burgeoning entrepreneurs don't have each one of these qualities but can make up for that with passion, they definitely still have a fighting chance. Yet, if they still decide that these attributes need to be present in an office environment, they always have another option.

Entrepreneurs can take on a co-owner who has the necessary features that they're looking for. This can also have other benefits - namely, it gives the leader someone else to share responsibilities with. They can delegate important tasks and have someone who they can run crucial decisions by. In fact, this might be a good move even if the original entrepreneur has the traits of a good leader. 

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