What devices should be used in small businesses?
September 19, 2013

Although it would help them immensely, unfortunately, small accounting firm owners don't tend to have a lot of capital when they're just starting out. No matter how much they had saved up going into the opening of the company or the amount that investments and loans contributed, there are so many upfront, one-time expenses.

Consider this - before entrepreneurs can open their doors, they not only have to have a storefront and/or office, but they also need desks for employees, countertops, security and financial software to make up the infrastructure and many other elements. These are generally things that don't have to be purchased again, but this can be a massive drain on a new startup. 

As such, there isn't a lot of money left for administrators to grab up the latest and greatest gadgets. In fact, a lot of the time, when they outfit the office with things like desktops for their employees and other tools, firm leaders turn to older - but still highly functional - models. 

However, what are the technologies that these companies should be investing in to make the biggest impact?

Tablets might seem like a novelty for the average accounting firm owner, but Business News Daily identified these innovative gadgets as a must-have for budding entrepreneurs. Having these in the office can make workers more flexible - they're not tied down to their desks, the source pointed out. This is true no matter which employee uses them - those with a client-facing role can use these tools to start drafting contracts immediately, while executives can employ them to create presentations on the fly.

Hands-free headset
As Entrepreneur Magazine pointed out, the work of a business owner never ends, and that includes during the commute. However, in many states, it's illegal to talk and text while driving, so in order to make sure they can fit in all important communications, the source recommends business leaders buy a good hands-free headset. There are a number of options on the market that are voice-activated and can read out text messages. The important thing is to make sure the technology is compatible with the preferred cellphone.

A smartphone
This is truly a given, and something that many company leaders already have for personal reasons. That being said, industry expert Aaron Lee's blog Ask Aaron Lee explained that this is more important than ever. Largely, it doesn't matter what operating system is used, be it Apple, Android, BlackBerry or others.  Lee explained that firm owners can use the devices to basically run their business from anywhere, thanks to apps.

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