What apps are good for your firm?
March 14, 2014

Gone are the days when a cell phone was only good for a few things, such as making calls, sending texts and checking the time. Now, these gadgets are like mini computers that we carry around. As the screens of these devices are ever-growing and the capabilities have surpassed even experts' wildest imaginations, individuals all over the world are integrating smartphones into their lives. 

In fact, a number of businesses are now allowing employees to use their personal devices for work purposes. This has been aided by the presence of mobile applications. Sure, individuals can download things like the Angry Birds or Facebook apps, but there are a number of programs that are much more conducive to completing a task. 

Now, some owners of accounting firms are increasingly allowing their staff to use applications to streamline processes. This is generally because there are a number of worthwhile apps that can benefit this field. What are some of the most popular and lucrative?

Office 365
While a suite with word processing and presentation-based programs might not seem up an accountant's alley, that's certainly not the case. As Box Free IT reported, this is a great app for bookkeepers on-the-go to have, because it has transformed into an overall productivity suite at this point. If professionals need to present to clients why they should chose that firm or what can be done with the company's portfolio, making last-minute edits to these projects is handy.

Software apps
Individual app use will depend on the accounting software chosen by the firm in question. However, many of the leading providers now allow users to sign in on their much smaller screens so they can stay apprised of what's happening at all times. Even if the vendor in question doesn't offer a specific app, it would still be helpful to have a smartphone on hand when not in front of a computer, because the individual can tap into the Internet, and therefore the cloud, no matter if there is a specific program or not. 

It might be a hard sell if an accountant is trying to convince his or her boss that using Instagram might be good for business. Actually, Search Engine Journal reported, if bookkeepers launch Instagram accounts and start posting interesting pictures that are generally connected to the industry - but not all have to be - and follow others in their field, this can be a good message to send clients.

Google Drive
Because many people use Google Drive on their desktops and laptops, it might be a good idea to have this installed on their phones as well for easy synchronization and the ability to make edits anywhere. This can allow workers to have the most up-to-date information available to them no matter where they are. Plus, using Google Drive, individuals can share the documents with managers, employees, business partners and others while they're using their phones.

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