Shining bright without burning out
March 06, 2015

Working hard comes as a part of a job in the accounting field. Sometimes it's just not possible to keep normal hours when there's so much work to be done in a day. It's even more of a different story when it's tax season. You work hard all year round, burning the midnight oil more than just a handful of times.

But what happens when that oil runs out and there's nothing left to give? This is a real risk in this business, and one that should not be taken lightly. Taking care of yourself can be difficult, but it's necessary to keep productivity and spirits high no matter the season. 

Burning the candle at both ends
According to a recent study on stress by the American Psychological Association, professionals are stressed about money and work more than anything else in their lives. There are many techniques that reduce stress, but 20 percent of Americans don't do anything to help manage or relieve their stressors. Are you a part of that percentage or do you know someone who is?

The APA asserted that those with support systems are more likely to have less stress and an improved mood. In order to eradicate stress, you should have someone to talk with or to vent to - your health depends on it. Stress can lead to lack of sleep, poor eating habits, dependency on vices and other health risks. So start opening up and feel better. 

Striking a happy balance
At times, it can feel impossible to completely separate from work. But it's important that your home life and your work life are different entities. Fortune suggested leaving work at work can be a good way to find a balance.  If this is going to be impossible, at least reserve your weekends for family and down-time. The source also noted that saying "no," while difficult if you're a diligent and helpful worker, is imperative. Taking on other tasks on top of preexisting work makes you a scapegoat, and a loaded-down one at that. Lending a helping hand every once in a while is good workplace etiquette, but learning to say no when it counts is just as crucial.

Your health and your personal life are just as important as your job. You shouldn't sacrifice one of them for the sake of the other. Keep that flame glowing brighter and longer - take time for yourself and continue your success. 

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