Mobile technology trends to watch
May 28, 2015

Accounting professionals are often on the lookout for exciting new technology that can enhance website traffic, increase profitability and revolutionize customer service. Before investing in a new platform or device, it's important to consider market trends and available research.

Hype isn't a guarantee 
On April 21, Google launched an algorithm update many small businesses feared would alter their mobile search engine rankings. The new algorithm favors websites that are mobile friendly, according to Search Engine Land. Dubbed Mobilegeddon by many Internet users, the weeks leading up to the big shift inspired many businesses to spend money revamping their websites, building mobile-friendly landing pages for consumers on tablets and smartphones.

Interestingly enough, a Search Engine Land study after the implementation revealed very little changed for small business mobile rankings with the new algorithm. 

The truth about mobile  
What is more notable than the Mobilegeddon is the overall rise in mobile use among consumers. Consumers are practically glued to their smartphones these days, and they spend a majority of their time on mobile devices in applications. Enterprises utilize apps for a variety of reasons; 76 percent of small businesses with apps look to increase customer service, and 37 percent hope to boost sales. 

According to a study conducted by research firm Clutch, only 15 percent of U.S. small businesses currently have apps, but 18 percent are planning on creating apps in the near future. Plus, 27 percent of small businesses are planning to increase the amount spent on mobile app developments and improvements in 2015. Fifty-nine percent anticipate continuing spending the same amount as last year. One-third of those with apps developed them in 2014.

There are even contests popping up from developers looking to create apps for small businesses that can't afford their own mobile app developers. Appsbar began the Small Business App Challenge in which small businesses are encouraged to generate an app on Appsbar's free platform. Whoever garners the most activations wins a $100,000 prize, though the real reward is a new presence on mobile devices around the world.

While improving Google search ranking on mobile devices is important for an organization to increase its brand awareness, a wiser investment of time and money for small business owners is in the mobile app department. Small business trends are sometimes just passing fads; it takes a keen eye and a little digging to ensure funding is invested wisely. 

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