Marketing with finances in mind
March 22, 2013

When an accounting firm leader looks at the company's finances in real time using accounting software, they can determine if funds are available for certain activities. Perhaps there is enough money in the black to allow the owner to give holiday bonuses, or maybe the company is in the red, so administrators decide to wait to upgrade to the newest technology.

That said, there are certain things that have to be counted among necessary expenses that leaders might not consider, like security protections and overhead charges like electric or gas bills. Among certain necessary costs are marketing campaigns - even if a corporation makes an amazing product or provides world class service, what good are these things if no one knows they exist? 

That said, because it tends to take a while for many startups to get on their feet, leaders often cannot afford to launch an intense campaign that pulls out all of the stops. With some careful planning, however, owners can balance their budget while still attracting consumers and paving the way for future financial success.

Try to gain endorsements
Word of mouth marketing is massively successful in attracting new clients and making sure old ones stay close. This is part of the reason why social media is such a good investment - the chance that patrons will share the company's posts or pictures with their friends means that exposure is massive and far-reaching. The same is true when a celebrity or local figure endorses the firm.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, lobbying for an endorsement is a cheap way to score advertisement. This can be done, the news source said, by contacting an individual who's been popular around town and sending them a gift bag of products or gift cards for services. This action may influence them to talk the business up to friends or fans, which can boost revenue. Plus, after seeking out feedback, the news outlet noted that the figure can provide influential testimonials for use on the company blog or website. 

Don't forget to keep up with social media
Even if it seems like it's not yet panning out, many corporations are boosted by their presence on various social media sites. Administrators just need to find out which platforms their patrons have accounts on, and go from there. Regular updates are paramount, as is not regurgitating the same content on each site. 

According to CNBC, this is one of the most cost-effective things a startup can do when spreading the word, because it cements in a customer base.

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