How to keep clients loyal to your firm
October 17, 2014

The demands in industries of all kinds have never been higher as customers and clients hold firms up to the caliber they see frequently in their everyday lives. Technology has torn down the barriers that once restricted accounting associations from implementing the sometimes pricey tools capable of making their duties more effective. However, as standards rise among the competition, firms need to find new ways to strengthen the loyalty of new and existing clients.

It takes more than top-notch financial software to win over the allegiance of the public. Firms need to guarantee every employee properly represents them to inspire loyalty in everyone they interact with to help build an alluring reputation associations can project to their audiences.

Here are some ways firms can foster devotion in their clients:

  • Use questions to uncover needs - It's one thing for accountants to follow through with the typical procedures and offer services clients could find anywhere else, but when CPAs go above and beyond to find the root of a problem or scratch their brains to find a unique solution, clientele are more likely to grow an appreciation for accountants' efforts, according to CPA Practice Advisor. Asking questions to really learn about desires of a client can encourage loyalty by showing people they're more than just a visitor to an accounting firm.
  • Say what you mean - It's easy to promise new clients the world when trying to secure their patronage, but if accountants fail to deliver on any of the assurances they gave, the damage could result in the permanent loss of not just that customer, but any others he or she may talk to as well. CPAs should strive to only promise outcomes they can definitely accomplish and then whenever they can, go above and beyond any promises they made. Reliability is a very important quality in an accountant, asserted Accounting Coach. This prevents any unnecessary disappointment on the client's part, while also making accountants seem like they went out of their way. By making clientele feel worthy of special attention, firms can build relationships that last and may even get new customers through positive word of mouth.
  • The little things matter - With so much to do, sometimes its hard to appreciate the simple things. Accountants often manage the finances of multiple clients and every decimal point matters. Nonetheless, it's always good to take a step back from the budgets to remember the details matter just as much as the total.  Employees can thank clients for their business with hand-written thank you notes or just a casual phone call to add the cherry on top of the sundae of good service that will keep clients faithful.
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