Better Visibility Across Your Business

Whether you are a small or mid size wholesale distribution company, having visibility across your business to drive better decisions is critical.

Industry Background

When margins are tight, costs are increasing, lead times are long, and your customers demand more, running efficiently becomes critical. Having the right technology to support your business and quickly provide you with the information that you need, will help you leap frog the competition. Learn more about where wholesale distribution companies like yours are making investments and seeing positive returns.

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Industry Background

Key Business Challenges… Solved

Wholesale distribution companies face many challenges when it comes to running their business. At the core of most business processes is the need for enterprise resource planning technology. At Sage we help our customers map business priorities and challenges to solutions.

More visibility across your business

You can’t act on what you can’t see. High performing wholesale distribution companies have real time visibility into the status of all processes from quote to cash. This allows them to monitor activity and alter their actions to stay on schedule while keeping costs low and creates a system of record for traceability later on.

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Increased efficiency to reduce costs

Streamlined and automated processes – both within an organization and with external partners – are the key to driving business productivity and efficiency. Mobility is a critical part of the solution. High Performing wholesale distribution companies enable mobile access to ERP and key operating systems so that employees are armed with information when and where they need it.

Customer Success Story

Business Integration for Single View of Business

Integrated business systems create a complete and auditable system of record. All processes are monitored and recorded. Each function can then use the data as needed, whether front –or – back of office. Wholesale distribution companies that have integrated business systems are almost four times as likely as others to have the ability to share and integrate data with the extended enterprise.

Customer Success Story
Talima Davis

“With Sage ERPX3, we get the visibility we were missing. Instead of waiting for a report to tell us what already has happened, we receive up-to-the-minute information while it is still actionable.”5

Bruce Emrick, Director of IT
Garland Industries, Inc.
Jason-Savage talks Sage One simple online accounting for small businesses

“We are utilizing technology in ways that reduce the labor required to complete routine yet vital tasks. Our staff can now spend more time on value-adding activities, and we are able to grow the business without adding additional staff.”5

John Giczewski, purchasing manager
St. Joseph Paper and Packaging
Michael Winnecke

“With Sage ERPX3, I can sit here at my desk in Minnesota and quote a customer in Germany, and send off that quote in German with the amounts in EUROS. Even better – I can perform the same task, just as effectively, from my iPad at the coffee shop.”5

Michael Winnecke

Key Capabilities for small and midsize distributors

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Manage Finances:

  • Real Time Visibility
  • CPA/Accountant Collaboration
  • Understanding the businesses’ financial health
  • Being able to report on financial metrics
  • “Jerry rigging” disparate systems to support needs since current accounting system is limited
  • Sophisticated pricing mechanisms based on marketplace resale/product value

Manage business:

  • Managing growth
  • Ensuring working capital
  • Making accurate, data-driven decisions
  • Operating more efficiently
  • Understanding the businesses’ financial health
  • Maintaining compliance, understanding regulatory and tax laws
  • Managing payroll and employee satisfaction

Manage customers:

  • Enabling sales to directly process customer demands anytime, on the road
  • Increasingly collaborative trade promotion planning for mutual business benefit
  • proactive and post-sale customer profitability analysis
  • Ability to prioritize customers and product-specific relationships
  • Strong adoption of mobility and cloud-based tools

Manage operations:

  • Forecasting Demand and Planning for capacity
  • Comprehensive use of integrated applications with only minimal reliance on manual processes and/or spreadsheets
  • Optimizing resources and inventory to minimize cost
  • Optimize product placement for picking
  • Optimizing fast and slow moving item locations
Solving the top 4 challenges for Distributors

Solving the top 4 challenges for Distributors

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Why Should you Care

Companies that leverage technology to help run their business increase their visibility around customers, products, and operations to make smarter decisions. They also are able to increase efficiencies throughout their business whether it is optimizing their warehouse or making their sales teams more efficient through mobile technologies in the field.

Sage has been helping companies with technology solutions for over 35 years.


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