Top tech trends for accountants and bookkeepers in 2016
March 09, 2016

Dog might be man's best friend, but technology is definitely his sidekick. Accounting software is more comprehensive than ever and getting better each year. When combined with other technologies, accountants and bookkeepers arm themselves with everything they need to handle their clients' concerns. Here are the top tech trends that will benefit accounting firms in 2016:

The future looks cloudy
This isn't a reference to Magic 8 balls or the weather forecast - although, with the arrival of spring, it might be a good idea to have an umbrella on hand at all times. Accountants and bookkeepers should keep an eye on cloud-based software as an increasing number of their peers make the switch from remote desktop programs. This trend makes a lot of sense - most of their clients have already switched to the cloud, and the benefits of transitioning are abundant. Cloud accounting software frees up valuable server space and stores sensitive client information in a secure, third-party location. Even better, cloud solutions are portable, letting accountants and bookkeepers help clients while on-the-go.

Wear your work to the office
The Apple Watch put wearables right in front of consumers' eyes in 2015, and Market Watch expects more companies to hop on the trend this year. While these tiny computers still need to be connected to a smartphone or tablet, they'll soon be able to stand on their own.

What do wearables mean for accounting professionals? Wearables keep people on top of the information they want to see. Instead of digging around in bags and briefcases for iPhones and Galaxy Tabs, accountants and bookkeepers can read and respond to client emails with a little device on their wrist.

Just scan it
Optical character recognition just may be the superhero accountants and bookkeepers need and deserve. AccountingWeb predicted this handy piece of technology will end the nightmare that is handwritten receipts and invoices. Instead of financial managers struggling to decipher a mix of print, cursive and chicken scratch, they can snap a photo or scan a document and have the text printed in a nice, clean, serif font.

These trends are paving the way for accounting and bookkeeping firms in 2016. Cloud technology, wearables and OCR help firms provide the best service possible to their clients.

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