Summer trends: Making changes to the firm
May 11, 2015

Now that accountants across the country have fully recovered from the marathon that is tax season, it's time to enjoy the warmer temperatures and do a bit of changing. As the buds bloom and the Sun shines just a little later each day, perhaps the office could use spring cleaning. Firms can digitize physical files that still remain from days gone by or rearrange the office to better suit the accountants, but bigger changes could mean more for the business as a whole.

Let this new season be the harbinger of new management practices and fresh perspectives for the enhancement of the firm.

Reevaluate for profit
While accountants are in this field to help other people manage their money and accounts, it's important that the firm not lose sight of the profits that it needs to bring in. CPA Practice Advisor outlined some changes that offices of all sizes could implement to bolster the profits made in a given year. The source noted that some changes are easy to make, like billing customers more aggressively without overcharging them for the service rendered. It's better to have lower volumes with a higher price than the inverse.

Another change that is a bit more difficult to measure is time management. It can be easy to spend time on a simple call with a favorite client or work longer on an effortless project, but it's important to give top-priority items the majority of your focus. Now that you are no longer weighed down by the stressors of tax season, giving proper time to important projects is of the essence.

Overhaul the office
The change of seasons is the perfect space to make adjustments to the firm. Now that the earth is emerging from the seemingly eternal winter, shifts are a welcome sight. Maybe it's timely for a total rebranding effort, reported AccountingToday. Reinvent the way you do business to accommodate a wider clientele or make it so employees stay on past the end of tax season by changing contracts and fixing human resources.

Whatever shifts are implemented, it's important to note that nothing happens overnight. Changes take time to catch on with the public, but the road to success will only be traveled by staying the course. Let your firm shine in a new light and see how successful you and your business can be this summer season.

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