Spring forward: Staying motivated and keeping spirits high
April 06, 2015

Winter is a difficult season. The short days and the bitter cold make it tough to stay motivated, but the thought of warmer weather can keep spirits bright no matter how low the temperature sinks. Now that spring is officially here and the snow is starting to melt, it's time to bolster the spirit and stay on track for a successful summer. As the leaves and flowers begin to blossom, you should look at how you can stay motivated through the thaw and prepare for the next accounting season.

1. Keep moving
Now that you can slough off the sweaters and blankets, it's important to get some exercise. Fortune asserted that going for a walk or run, practicing yoga or even meditating is important for starting the day off on the right foot. Beginning the work day with a sense of balance, however you may choose to achieve it, keeps you focused and centered for the rest of the day.

Conversely, exercising after work has also proven to be helpful. Many believe that taking the time for exercises can shake off the stressors of the office and prepare one for the following day's routine. Firms should encourage exercise not only for the health benefits but for the emotional benefits as well.

2. Set (and keep) boundaries
In this day and age, it seems impossible to truly keep work at the office, but it's imperative that workday hours are maintained when it's not tax season. The Harvard Business Review reported that checking work emails or doing business-related tasks at home keeps a person psychologically attached to the business. It's much easier for someone to burn out or become unmotivated to do work when he or she takes little time to recharge. Setting up and sticking to boundaries keeps the home world a personal space where work doesn't infiltrate.

3. Remember to take a break
Sometimes when you're on a roll, it can be hard to break away from the momentum that's been building. However, it's important to take regular breaks during the work day to keep your mind at the top of its game. The Harvard Business Review noted that even the simple task of eating lunch away from the desk could be enough time to rest. Restocking the mental energy will prevent people from losing productivity. Examining the day as a whole instead of thinking about many little projects will keep the day, and the job, in proper perspective.

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