Is it time for you to take a vacation?
March 03, 2014

There are times during the year when it's likely impossible for an accountant to take a vacation. For instance, unfortunately, close to the holiday season is often a bad idea, because a number of companies like to end their books on Dec. 31. Moreover, mid-spring, right in the middle of tax season, is also next-to-impossible for almost anyone in the industry to take a few personal days. 

However, as April steadily approaches and many bookkeepers are swamped with work, the thought of relaxing on a beach is probably going to become more and more enticing. But how can professionals, especially those who own accounting firms, make this a reality? After all, even after the Canadian deadline to file taxes at the end of April passes, there's still plenty of work to do.

Map out a plan ahead of time
A vacation should always be planned - not just in the sense that the individual needs to find transportation and lodging, but employees should know what they need to do when the leader's gone. The accounting firm owner should make a plan, put someone in charge and ensure workers know what benchmarks they have to hit in his or her absence.

Make sure you're using accounting software
While the notion of taking a complete break from work sounds great, that might not be possible for everyone who owns their own accounting firm. Although it's important to take personal days so as to avoid burnout and remain focused, checking in with the office might actually give the owner a lot of peace of mind. While programs like email and instant messaging are very helpful during these times, so are financial programs.

When individuals use accounting software in the office, they can verify financial information from other Internet-enabled devices. So, if an accountant is laying on a beach, he or she can sign in online using a smartphone, verify that everything is going right fiscally and then go back to his or her hard-earned vacation.

Take some time for yourself
Again, although it's fine to check in here and there, when firm owners are on vacation, they should be on vacation, meaning that checking out new scenery, having fun and spending time with friends and families needs to be the main focus. Getting enough rest and relaxation while away from the office is crucial to making sure the bookkeeper is ready to head back to work with a clear mind and a new outlook.

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