How to make your tweets more effective
August 21, 2013

These days, if financial company owners aren't taking advantage of social media opportunities, many industry experts think they're probably losing out on a large amount of business. These types of websites can open the door to new patrons who wouldn't have heard of the brand otherwise and do a lot to prompt word of mouth marketing.

Many professionals still think that Facebook reigns supreme, but there are numerous other platforms vying for the top spot. Commonly seen as the second most popular social networking service, Twitter is often very lucrative for companies.  Using this website, administrators can share quick messages with their followers and establish themselves as a thought leader and start creating the brand's voice.

Like any other action in a corporate world, there's a correct and incorrect way to tweet. Talking about the wrong things, retweeting someone else's words too often and other actions can turn customers off, while injecting interesting facts and sharing numerous types of media on the site might be just the ticket to success.

So what do you need to remember when tweeting from your small business' account?

Don't be too promotional
If you only tweet with the purpose of selling a given product, that brings no value to consumers. Spellman and Associates owner and president Eric Spellman told Young Entrepreneur that companies that do this will definitely fail. The source recommended an 80-20 ratio, in which 80 percent of tweets are conversational.

Use Twitter to network
This also presents a good opportunity to get on the radar of industry leaders and their followers. According to the news source, accounting firm owners should consider using Twitter to send complimentary messages to the heads of the sector and start a rapport. This can lead to retweets, which then potentially introduces your brand to thousands of new consumers.

Share news everyday
It's easy to go on a Twitter spree for a few days then forget about it a little. However, this could be detrimental. Social Media Today recommended that business leaders spend an hour everyday looking for content that they want to share with their followers. This keeps the company talking about relevant stories and keeps the business on the main feeds of their fans. At the very least, the news provider said that companies have to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes posting and replying to tweets.

Don't forget about SEO
Search engine optimization refers to how close to the top of the results page your company will appear when consumers use search engines. Some business leaders think that to increase their SEO they need to use keywords centrally on their websites. However, Twitter is a great place to drive SEO as well, so use keywords whenever possible.

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