Are phablets the next big thing for accounting professionals?
April 13, 2015

"Phablet" is a term referring to a device that's a hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet. These gadgets are in between the the size range of a traditional touch display smartphone and a tablet, and they've been taking the tech world by storm in the last year and a half. Professionals across many fields have opted to utilize phablets for their phone devices, but is this the best choice for accounting professionals?

The pros of phablets
There are many who tout the benefits of the these media tools and for the consumer, there are now more options than ever before. According to Trusted Reviews, there are options that range from 5.5 to 7 inch screens and from as low as $150 for a basic model to nearly $1,000 for the top of the line. For those who prefer to use Apple products, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus might be the good match. For others, who perhaps want the high quality of a designer phone but a smaller price tag, the LG G3 is the way to go.

Businesspeople who love the phablet design are likely happy about their new freedom. No longer do professionals need to carry around multiple devices that only have a few differences between them. They are able to use one device for both calls and data work, a liberating feeling for those with heavy briefcases or purses. And since there are choices for operating system and prices, users have a wide range of options to fit their busy lifestyles.

The fault in phablets
As with any tech gadget, if there is someone to sing praises, there is someone to find faults. The size for this team is not a benefit, but a detriment. Users complain that the dimensions are too unwieldy for taking phone calls and storing them in pockets. TabTimes asserted that while phablets are able to view documents, they are largely unable to edit them due to the reduced screen size. What use, some exclaim, is a device that can perform some actions of both gadgets but not all?

Some applications for business purposes may not even be available for a phablet-sized device, while the same may be utilized on either a smartphone or tablet. If it can't work well for the business professional, does it belong in the office at all?

Of course, accountants will need to decide if phablets are a good fit for the firm, or if they are even necessary. Not all accountants are looking to venture into telecommuting or mobility options, but the phablet does certainly present some thinking points for those who potentially want to mobilize the accounting firm.

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